Brian Hall
President & CEO

Austin, Texas



Brian Hall is a variable operations specialist with 35 years of experience in sales, advertising, recruiting and training. He began his professional career in the automobile industry selling cars and worked his way up to Finance Manager, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager & President of his own in-house advertising agency. Brian was awarded membership to the Chevrolet Truck Sales Hall of Fame. Brian founded Advice in 1999 to assist dealers with their advertising, employee recruitment and training. Advice has recruited, trained and placed over fifteen thousand salespeople, managers, technicians and other employees for our clients across the country. The Advice recruiting & sales training programs are the most cost effective way for companies to reduce employee turnover, increase sales, maximize profits, boost employee enthusiasm and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Kym Hall - Vice President | Austin, TX 512-431-7074

  • Steve Schwartz - Recruiting & Sales Training | Philadelphia, PA

  • Mike Fuhs - Recruiting & Sales Training | Philadelphia, PA

  • Jonathan Garred - VP of Recruiting | Austin, TX

  • Ashley Hall - Office Manager | Austin, TX

  • Amanda Minniear - Recruiting Manager | Austin, TX

  • Robb Minniear - Recruiting Manager | Austin, TX

  • Carly Hall - Recruiting Manager | Austin, TX